General Information for Referral Sources

We appreciate your referrals and are committed to supporting your work with your clients by providing outstanding services and immediate, easy access to information on your client's involvement in our program. On this page you will find information on
  • How to make a referral
  • Reports on clients
  • How to access current information 24/7
  • Special Information for DCS Case Managers Below
If you haven't already done so, please read through the other pages on this website, especially the page "An Important Choice". We also want you to know we welcome you to come and visit one or more of our classes.  We love showing what we do and how it works. Over the years we've learned that when a referral source actually comes to visit a class we instantly become an important option in their toolbox of service providers. Please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions as to how we might better serve you.

How to make a referral:

We operate ICADV certified programs in three areas around the State of Indiana.  All a client actually needs to enroll in our program is the appropriate program information line phone number or website.  

(DCS Case Managers please see additional information below.)

Serving Evansville, Vanderburgh County and the surrounding area... 
Amends Program 

Serving Lafayette, Tippecanoe County plus Bloomington and the surrounding area...
Character Restoration Center 

Serving Indianapolis Southside, Greenwood, Johnson County, and the surrounding areas...
Nonviolent Alternatives 

During orientation clients are asked who is referring them to our program. Thus, while not a prerequisite for enrollment, we encourage referral sources to notify us when they make a referral.  This will ensure that you will be correctly identified as the referral source and will automatically be provided all client reports, and will assist us in helping clients most efficiently and effectively. Please indicate if there is a date by which you would like to be notified if the individual referred has not yet enrolled in our program.

Client Reports:

Client reports are usually emailed the same day as the events that trigger them to referral sources or other appropriate parties authorized during referral and orientation (e.g. - judges, prosecutors, victim advocates.) When appropriate, reports can be directed to multiple recipients. Reports are automatically generated and sent at the time of:
  • enrollment
  • completion/discharge
  • significant incident
  • an updated status report is sent each month for all enrolled clients.
Accessing Client Records:
Whenever a client enrolls in our program, if their referral source (probation officer, DCS FCM, etc.) is not in our system, they are added to our online client tracking system and sent an email with both a link to our data base system and a temporary password. Once logged on, you will find a search box. By entering a first or last name you can instantly connect to records of your client in our system. 

All of our client records are maintained in this electronic data base, and are available for viewing and/or printing 24/7. This includes a full record of all classes attended and missed, payment history and balance, and number of classes remaining. 

With our electronic record keeping system, entries are made at the time of each class or reportable incident, so our online records are always current. You can actually login at 6:01pm to see if your client signed in and is present at a 6pm class.  This could be useful say for example if you wish to have a confidential discussion with a domestic violence victim, you could first verify he is in class before you call.

DCS Case Managers:
DCS KidsTrak
When you send a referral through KidsTrak to Abuse Counseling and Education, please also provide the client with instructions to call the toll free number or visit the website for the program local to your area.  Our decades of experience has shown conclusively that clients are much more likely to comply and show up to enroll in the program if you provide them with instructions to call our toll free number or to visit our website for enrollment instructions rather than if we make the initial contact after the referral.

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