Give us a test drive. Attend a Free class at one of our programs below.

Free Class
If you are seeking services for yourself or searching for services for a loved one we always welcome potential participants to come and visit a class for free. Then if the class feels right for you, simply stay after class for an orientation session to enroll. You will have the option to pay for the class you observed and have it count as well if you wish. 

If after observing the free class you decide not to enroll then you are free to leave with no obligation at all. There will be no pressure to try to sell you or to get you to enroll in the program.  We believe anyone who has seen or attended any other program will be very impressed with the difference they observe with us. We know because we hear this over and over. 

If you think you have a friend or family member with a problem, you are also welcome to come and see a free class. Men must visit a men's class and women must visit a women's class is the only restriction. We appreciate the opportunity to show off our program.

Serving Indianapolis and Greenwood, Indiana
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Serving Evansville, Indiana
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Serving Lafayette, Indiana
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In compliance with Indiana Code, we are certified by the Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence. All of our services are provided without regard to race, age, color, religion, sex, disability, national origin, ancestry, or status as a veteran, and any other protected classes.

Download Copy of Signed ICADV Declaration of Principles of Practice
Download Copy of ICADV BIP Client Rights

Corporate Contact Information

This is our corporate contact information.  Our programs, services, and class locations are above.

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Abuse Counseling and Education, Inc.
1350 West Southport Road, Suite C122
Indianapolis, Indiana 46217

Program Director
Voicemail/Text (317) 835-9752                                           

We do everything we can to keep our overhead and operating costs as low as possible.  Many people who need our services are very poor and even with fees as low as ours, it's very difficult for them to pay. 
Consider partnering with us.  Make a donation to help us keep our services affordable for those who struggle.

Please consider helping us to help others. Every little bit helps.  Make a small donation now. Become part of the solution by making it possible for us to help as many as possible.  100% of donations support program operations.