Indiana Domestic Violence Batterers Intervention Programs. Counseling for dysfunctional relationships, domestic violence, anger control, family violence, intimidation, mental abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, and power and control struggles. Class locations in Evansville, Indiana, Indianapolis, Indiana and Greenwood, Indiana.
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Our evidenced based classes are specifically designed to provide the most safe and accountable intervention to end all levels of abusive behavior; not simply physical abuse. We challenge verbal abuse, mental abuse, emotional abuse, child abuse, and many other forms of abuse. We are not a mental health or substance abuse agency throwing together a quick anger management program. Helping people end abusive behavior is our specialty!

Since you are here, you may be questioning yourself about whether or not you have an abuse problem. Click here to take a quiz.

We are a 501(c)(3) Not for Profit Public Charity completely dedicated to our mission of helping others. We believe strongly in what we do. No one in their heart wants to be abusive or harmful to others. You owe it to yourself to learn the skills needed to have loving, kind, happy, healthy relationships. By attending our program you can learn how to change bad habits and put an end to your own abusive words and actions. Click here to read comments from some previous clients of our Nonviolent Alternatives program.

We have many, many people who come to our Nonviolent Alternatives program completely on their own free will and are not court ordered. We do our best to treat everyone how we would want to be treated; with courtesy, compassion, and respect. We welcome you to come and observe one of our classes for free. There is no obligation and no pressure. After visiting one of our classes, if you wish to enroll simply stay after for our new client orientation session.

Our services are much different, better, and safer than anger management counseling programs. As a matter of fact, as an intervention for abusive behavior, typical anger management counseling, mental health counseling, or couples counseling can easily make the problem worse and may escalate the violence or abusive behavior. Couples counseling can be very productive and helpful. But definitely not until abuse in the relationship stops.

Abuse Counseling and Education Programs:

  • Our program in Indianapolis and Greenwood is named Nonviolent Alternatives.

    Toll Free 24 Hour Information Line

  • Our Evansville program is known as the Amends Program.

    Toll Free 24 Hour Information Line

  • Our Lafayette Men's program is known as the Character Restoration Center.

    Toll Free 24 Hour Information Line

  • In collaboration with YWCA DVIP Program in Lafayette, Indiana, we offer a free program for women who are victims of abuse and women who use force. This program is called Personal Empowerment and Accountability.

    24 Hour Information Line
    (317) 682-4945

  • We have created an evidenced based cognitive behavioral program for youth ages 13 to 17 which is named YouthCAT. We are currently seeking funding partners so we can begin offering this service.

In compliance with Indiana Code, we are certified by the Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence. All of our services are provided without regard to race, age, color, religion, sex, disability, national origin, ancestry, or status as a veteran, and any other protected classes.

To check the current status of someone in our program
login to our online client tracking database.

Our program is an evidence based
CBT Criminal Thinking Class

We are a DCS contract provider listed in KidsTrak as
"Abuse Counseling and Education, Inc."

Corporate Contact Information
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Our corporate mailing address is:
Abuse Counseling and Education, Inc.
7238 Broyles Lane
Indianapolis, IN 46217

President and Program Director:
Terry Moore, LCAC
Voicemail/Text (317) 835-9752